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Common mistakes we make in our diet and how to correct them

Most people want to have the right weight. For reasons that seem – the hot topic of “how to go to the beach” for decades – for example – but also for those that do not seem – better quality of sleep, more endurance, better performance in what we are interested in, more achievements and therefore better mood daily. In addition, losing weight and maintaining the result significantly reduces the chances of various very unpleasant diseases, from cardiovascular to various forms of cancer.

When we start our quest for a beautiful, healthy body it is good to have in mind all these positive scenarios for now and tomorrow. Proper nutrition is the vehicle for a longer and better life. However, the effect of the diet does not last forever. What should and what can we do in this case?

Understandably, losing weight is an endeavor that attracts many people, is of constant interest to even more, but unfortunately makes it difficult for many. Maybe that’s why 7 out of 10 Greeks are overweight, while one third of them are obese. But how and why can this happen, since almost all the people we know often go on a diet or diet and in fact often have an effect?

It is a scientifically proven fact that to maintain weight loss for more than 2 years, a temporary effort is not enough. What is needed is a real change in the way we look at our diet. This idea sounds extremely simple and extremely complex at the same time. Because, the truth is, the diet is much more than a weekly diet, while at the same time it should be something simple. It should match effortlessly and easily with the time that each person has at their disposal. To meet the needs for the family table or business obligations. To be coordinated with the way we shop in the supermarket and much more.

Very simply through the webinar "Mistakes in our diet that affect our body weight" with Anastasios Papalazarou. Within 30 ', Papalazarou mentions, among other things:

The role of emotion in nutrition and its relationship to obesity

Proper nutrition in the workplace

At dinner

In planning a weekly diet plan

In communication techniques that increase the demand for junk food

The importance of the portion and the myth of the salad

In the relationship of time in front of the screen with overeating

In overestimating the calories during exercise

We will not join anymore, we will only say that this webinar is worth watching from the beginning to the end, absolutely free. Just register here. It takes 30 minutes but you will have it as a guide for the rest of your life.

Health is a strategy

As you can see, the webinar is the result of Interamerican’s collaboration with Nutrimed and its dietitians and nutritionists and is open to anyone who wants it, whenever they want, for free. It is part of the health ecosystems that INTERAMERICAN develops in order to be able to live more and better, with less morbidity, through the good habits in our way of life. From the side of Nutrimed, Dr. Anastasios Papalazarou is a Dietitian-Nutritionist, graduate and doctor of the Department of Dietetics-Nutrition Science of Harokopio University, but also a writer. He has been practicing the profession since 1991 and is admittedly a man who can inspire and act as a mentor to people who want to lose weight.

Beauty standards and the requirement for a healthier life, free of extra pounds, create expectations and are a challenge for modern man. With more knowledge, we can gain and maintain fewer pounds.


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