We Believe

"Every Patient Should Achieve Optimal Health. "


Our patients are our priority, we offer
quality medical services with a team of specialists.

BioMed MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS is a network of advanced healthcare where you come first. Our commitment is to serve the clinical needs of the health care provider with cutting-edge laboratory medicine by utilizing proven methodologies that are accurate and reliable. By working with experienced clinicians and opinion leaders throughout multiple medical disciplines we are able to build assays that are clinically relevant and provide actionable results. We are committed to helping you attain your rehabilitation goals. It is also our goal to provide you with outstanding service.


Meet Our Team

Dr. Tasnim Ara

Breast Cancer Specialist

Dr. A. N. M. Harunur Rashid (Uzzal)


Dr. Golam Nabi

Medicine Specialist

Dr. Nadia Siddique

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

About Our Diagnostic

Advancement in diagnostic technologies and understanding of diseases pattern at a molecular level are important for correct and new treatment. Right diagnosis for right treatment at the right time for all of patients.

Our staff is well trained, caring and professional. Each and every one of us respects the diversity and dignity of our patients. We welcome advances in learning and technology in an effort to achieve efficient and quality-driven patient care.

Together our team of doctors bring a broad spectrum of experience and professional expertise and continually undertake professional development education to remain up to date with the latest in medical treatment options.

We aim to make all patients feel welcome whilst providing high quality, professional medical care in a friendly environment. Although it may not always be possible to see your preferred doctor, our doctors work together as a team to make sure your ongoing health needs are met.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test

  • Government-approved Covid-19 test
  • Rapid Antigen Test
  • Daily report daily
  • Covid-19 Test for all Passengers going abroad.
  • Sample collection for home service of Covid-19 & General.
  • 100% Fearless (100% Guaranteed)


Salima Institute for Cancer and Cell Therapy (SIFCACT) will bring advanced healthcare to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

Biomed Diagnostics will be one of the leading diagnostic facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the state of art technologies and equipment and facilities matched with global standards maintaining the utmost objectivity, integrity and the highest standard of quality.

We are introducing and launching advanced molecular diagnostic technologies for accurate diagnosis of any disease condition.

We envision international standard healthcare system in Bangladesh where each and every patient will be offered services according to their need and ensure a better quality of life.

We strive to achieve excellence in the area of cancer prevention, early diagnosis and effective targeted therapies through the development of Clinical Scientific Research in medical field.

Our Commitment

  1. Ensure equal care to all and provide service of excellence.
  2. Systematize and standardize healthcare plans for everyone.
  3. Empower individuals to manage health in a manner that is appropriate and essential for a better quality of life.
  4. International standard treatment based on correct diagnosis with the application of advanced diagnostic tools. We impose the current practice of medicine with ethics, commitment in full respect of human dignity.
  5. Interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach to clinical care, establish a culture of cooperation and trust between a different branch of medicine that will enable patient and family to complete the treatment within the country.
  6. Development of experimental and clinical research with another medical institute. Establish spirit and openness to international collaboration in research and clinical trail. Commitment to continuously improve all processes that support patient care, education and research guided by the international community.