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Salima Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy (SIFCIACT) and BioMed Molecular Diagnostics has been set up with the vision to provide comprehensive care along with the advancement of healthcare system, medical education and research in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our vision is to introduce “Precision Oncology” based on the concept of Personalized Medicine. We are putting emphasis on using all advanced molecular diagnostic equipment with innovative technologies for performing most of the tests essential for correct diagnosis. We give meticulous attention in obtaining Right diagnosis for Right Treatment for Right patient at Right Time. We are committed to delivering outstanding services with experienced clinicians in specialized branches of medicine. We will give special attention to women and child healthcare, as they are the most vulnerable and neglected population in our country. We are committed to offer best possible treatment and hope to revolutionize the existing healthcare system, medical education and research in Bangladesh.


SIFCIACT will bring updated knowledge and new treatment through integrated clinical practice and care. BioMed Molecular Diagnostics applies biotechnology-based testing services with precise data.

Through collaborative research with involvement of post graduate medical students from different medical institutions, we will contribute to medical research and drug development that will make medicine available to patients within the country.



Ensure equal care for all patients and offer service of excellence.


Empower individuals with proper healthcare plans for a better quality of life.


Empower women to take charge of the own health and take care of child health.


Establish cost-effective clinical care and reduce the socioeconomic burden.


Establish confidence in clinicians. It will help patients to complete the treatment within the country instead of going abroad.

We hope cooperation & collaboration from any institution anywhere in the world

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