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SIFCIACT has been set up for advancement of healthcare system of Medical Education in Bangladesh. Advancements in Diagnostic Technologies and fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of diseases at Molecular level are the driving forces for the development of new treatments in the area of Personalized Medicine and Precision Oncology.

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Diagnostic tests based on biotechnologies are at the forefront of medical innovation, providing vital insights into patient health and confirmation of diseases process going on in patient body.

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Doctors in Different branches of medicine now have the Molecular Diagnostic tools to apply to detect the cause of most of the diseases. Correct diagnosis of the diseases thereby enable them to offer correct treatment and better outcomes.

Salima Institute For Cancer Immunotherapy And Cell Therapy (SIFCIACT) and BioMED Diagnostics have been set up with the vision to provide comprehensive care & testing services for patients using modern equipment and state of art technologies in offering the highest quality of care. BioMED Diagnostics facility include well equipped General Laboratory and Molecular PCR Laboratory, Histopathology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, Radiology, Digital X-ray and OPG Imaging facility.

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